Saturday, May 4, 2013

Peanut Butter--A new way of living.

Whenever I've found a disc that looks like there are more scratches than not, I pronounce it DOA and pitch it in the trash. Most of the time I'm a little disappointed, but forget about it soon after it's gone. Tonight I was going through my old CDs while packing up my closet and I found my POPS Concert CD from 2002. Holy crap. I couldn't wait to listen to it! I stuck it in my computer and waited for the amazing sounds of high school singing to ring in my ears. But all the came out of my computer was a horrible squealing sound! I took out the disc and looked at the back. Scratches. All I could see were scratches! I was so sad! Then, in the back of my mind, I remembered something from my Pinterest-obsessed days I heard once. That peanut butter can help fill in those deadly scratches and allow a CD to play again. I decided I had to try it, for this CD at least. So I dug into my dad's sacred supply of Skippy.

Guess what? IT WORKED!!! I was able to save all those off-key wonderful songs. Ahhh, the memories it brings back! Choir is definitely the only part of high school I really miss. 

**UPDATE** The peanut butter only lasted me through 12 tracks. I'm guessing it wears off because track 13 got stuck. So I tried toothpaste. Worked a treat, with the side effect of smelling minty fresh! Love these household tricks!

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Shawnee Mission Ward (YSA) said...

Your dad holds peanut butter to such a high sacred standard....I'm happy you were able to save your tunes with this sacred cow. (flanked with a side of chocolate malt-o-meal)