Monday, April 29, 2013

Update from the past year!

My last post was in 2011?! Someone should slap me! Boy do I have some catching up to do! Here we go:

We're moving! I've been accepted to USU in the fall and we'll be out there by late June at the latest. And I've changed my I'll be in school forever for another 2 years. I haven't found a job yet but all I need is to find something to tide me over for 6-9 months and then I'll be able to work for my dad. Pray for me! I REALLY don't want to end up working in the food industry!

The house is going on the market on Thursday (thank you Uncle Kent) and we could be out there as early as mid-May. Second piece of exciting news: Tori and I will be in our own apartment! I can't even describe how excited I am to FINALLY be on my own! Living with my parents has been very cost effective and great for Tori, but it's beyond overdue for me to be living on my own. The apartment we'll be living in will be available middle of next month, so instead of living with my aunt as was the original plan, Tori and I will be able to go straight into our apartment. Thank goodness. I was dreading the idea of moving, living with Ann, then moving into the apartment and starting school all in a couple weeks. Tori needs adjustment periods, she wouldn't be able to handle that. So I'll keep everyone updated with pictures, and maybe even a vlog once we're settled! :)

Tori's been doing well in school, and she was accepted to Thomas Edison for 3rd grade, which I'm really excited about. Haley works there and Ann's kids go there as well, so she'll be in good company. She'll have a lot of catching up to do since they don't do ability grouping, but I know she can manage it. She recently did a huge Ellis Island project at school where she had to pick a country her ancestors were from, write a report and make a doll with the traditional clothing. She chose Scotland and did such a great job! I was very proud of her. :) She's still struggling to enjoy reading, but I have faith that we'll get there eventually! I'm hoping the Spaulding method used at Thomas Edison will help her comprehension level increase. We'll see. She's getting more excited about moving! Ann was here for about 2 weeks and Tori had a mental breakdown hard time after they left. She loves having friends to play with and I used that as an example of why she should be so excited to move! :)

Um...what else happened in 2012? Let's see...

  • Broncos made it to the play offs only to lose badly to the Pats, but the Tebow fever led to David Boreanaz doing the "Tebow", which was pretty much the most amazing thing about January 2012.

  • I decided to try the Primal lifestyle. I failed.

  • Tebow was fired from the Broncos. 'Sob' Oh yeah, and I turned 27.

  • Learned about Ramin's new CD, immediately became impatient. And I discovered TBBT!

  • Great quotes from Tori including:

         Tori: why are they called potstickers?
         Me: because they stick to the pot.
         Tori: why do they stick to the pot?
         Me: because they're potstickers.
         And on and on...

         Tori: "You should get me some wheat Chex."
         Nana: "We have wheat Chex."
         Tori: "No, I mean the ones with frosting on it."
         Nana: "You mean mini-wheats?"
         Tori: "Yeah. Those are supposed to help keep me focused."
         Advertising 1, Nutrition 0.

  • Discovered that May 4th is Geek Star Wars Day. "May the Fourth be with you." 
  • Tori had a sleep study at Children's Hospital. They found out she's completely normal for the low, low price of $1400. Awesome. 
  • Found out Ramin Karimloo was going to be in Chicago for a concert. Immediately bought a ticket to visit Margo in Chicago.
  • Discovered the amazingness of Juice Plus...and haven't had a bad illness since.
  • More Tori quotes:
         Taylor: "Tori, you need to listen to your mother."
         Tori: "No I don't, she's not my mother. She's my step-mother. She's mean."
         Me: "Oh really? So who's your mother?"
         Tori: "Taylor." ...well, naturally.

         Tori: "I'm the most specialist girl in the whole entire world."
         Me: "You're the most specialist girl in the whole entire world to me."
         Tori: "And everyone in Virginia." ....ok.

  • Started summer classes
  • Colorado was set ablaze and it seemed like the entire state would burn.
  • I WON A FREE IPAD!!! Because Mary Jane Ogle is freaking awesome! :)
  • Time for Tori quotes!
         Tori: "You scream like a girl!"
         Taylor: "No I don't."
         Tori: "Yes you do. Because you are a girl! ...hey, do you want some of my hair for free?"
  • Got my Tower Garden! Didn't work out so well, but I have high hopes for this year! :)
  • BRAVE!!!
  • Discovered the amazing YouTube video where Buffy kills Edward. Hell yeah.
  • Aurora shooting. :(
  • Olympics!
  • Discovered the amazing delights of Diamond Candles
  • Started full-time school!
  • Discovered the wonderful world of Fringe.
  • RAMIN!!!!!!! And I got to hang out with Margo! Such a great week! :)
  • Presidential election time: "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter." --MLK, Jr.
  • Tori made a beautiful Harry Potter for Halloween!
  • Devastated when Obama won for another 4 years.
  • Had tons of fun in Utah over Thanksgiving.
  • Tori decided to start answering to Alice instead of her own name.
  • The world didn't end.
  • Saw, and loved, Les Mis.
Now for something that deserved more than a bullet in a month. In November one of my closest friends, Ashley Simmons, went back to heaven. She was a wonderful person with a huge personality, and had one of the most difficult lives of anyone I've ever known. She fought a good fight and finally went home. I love you Ash, and I miss you every day.

Now an overview of the year in photos and videos:

Thank goodness for Facebook! I need to blog more, but at least I have that to help me remember what happened last year. :) I'll update more tomorrow, got lots more to share!


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