Tuesday, October 28, 2008

THE MASTER CLEANSE and fun with Tori!

Well, I have been officially chastised for not blogging more. So thank you Molly, and I will try to do better! First an update on my life! I'm not in school this semester as there was an issue with my financial aid and I was dropped from my classes before I realized it, and by that time came around they were all full. So...I'm having fun with Tori while not in school! (And SO incredibly bored! I can't wait for spring semester!) My mom is in China and it's so crazy not having her here! We all miss her mucho and are ready for her to come home!

Ok, one story about Tori and then I'll get into the MASTER CLEANSE I'm sure you all are wondering about! So Tori was in bed and I was...ah, I think reading a book or something. All of a sudden I heard her shriek in terror and I raced up the stairs wondering what on earth could be wrong. I opened her door and my heart broke when I saw her! She was huddled behind her door crying her heart out! I opened my arms and she ran into them and when I asked her what was wrong, she pointed to the corner of her room above her bed and said, "That monster is scary!" My baby had her first monster in her room, and it wasn't even under her bed! So I walked over to the corner and grabbed at the air, pretending I was grabbing for the monster. It made her giggle (which was, of course, the whole purpose) and after 2 grabs I had the monster! We both went to the toilet and flushed the monster away. It was so sweet and I loved every minute of that particular Mommy experience.

Now onto the MASTER CLEANSE!!! After much thought and consideration, I have decided to participate in the Master Cleanse, also known as the Lemonade Diet. Why am I doing this you ask? Because it is the most effective detox method on the planet! You do it for only 10 days and it completely flushes your system! You rid your body of the toxins caused by pollution, junk food and just the crap from daily living. It rids your face and body of acne like nothing else will, and it also curbs cravings for junk food! It's like resetting your body and ridding it of the memory of how wonderful chocolate or a big juicy hamburger is. All you think about are apples and carrots! So I'm very excited about it, and I'm actually on Day 2! I will be blogging about this while I'm doing it and I'll attempt to write every day! So be expecting another one from me tonight! :-D


david turvey said...

awww. that must have been a great experience with tori seeing her first monster. poor tori but thats way cool how you got rid of it :-D
and thats cool on the master cleanse. i dont know if i would have the motivation to not eat burgers and stuff :-S

the binghams. said...

hey Nicole! I found your blog :)
Tori is so adorable.. and good luck on the cleanse- i've heard its totally miserable but many people say its worth it! you'll have to post what you think. -kirsten