Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weddings and Breakfast Cookies!

Well she did it. My best friend got married. And Tori and I were in the wedding! Maid of Honor and Flower Girl, you can't ask for more in a family of two! :-P

Tori was having some serious low blood sugar you can tell from these pictures!

Grrr...leave me alone while I'm eating my breakfast cookie!

There's the beautiful smile we've all been waiting for!

It was a beautiful wedding, and while I will miss my Pancake, I can't deny that I'm very excited for her to embark on this next stage of her life! I love her forever and can't wait to see her in December!

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Isaac and Linh said...

tori is so adorable, you will have to post videos on here too! hope all is good! love and miss you!