Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Daddy's visit and the beginning of school

Well, the visit went better than I ever could have hoped for! Friday, Saturday and Sunday Tori was all over having a Daddy and it showed in the way she constantly said Daddy whenever she was talking to him. It was so cute. Monday, however, she started shutting herself off emotionally. It was really sad to watch her "not care" so that it wouldn't hurt so badly when he left. I know it was just as hard, if not harder, for him to leave. But he'll be back and this is the beginning of a great relationship. I'm really excited for her to gain this and also to gain a relationship with a whole new extended family! She needs some of that black culture in her life! :-)

So now the visit is over and it's time to focus on the beginning of school! I can't believe my baby is starting Kindergarten! I'm going to be a crybaby on her first day of school, I just know it. So next month we're going to have to start shopping for school supplies and a new school outfit. Oh dear...I'm not ready for this!

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Ben, Amy and Tori said...

Thanks so much for sharing the pics - they are priceless! I have been so totally curious about how that visit went. I am so happy to hear that it was positive and that there is so much potential for a relationship to continue to grow. Tori is such a special girl - give her a hug from us! We SO need to get together soon!